Ridvan Aydinli – Vocal, Ney


Ridvan Aydınlı (°1988) was born in Ankara. In addition to his master course in Economics at the Boğazici University of Istanbul, he specializes in both the ney and classical Ottoman singing, under the guidance of Hakan Alvan, Fikret Bertug and Ahmet Sahin, Moreover, he studied musical theory and history with Gonul Pacaci and Fikret Karakaya. Since 2010 he is active as a soloist and neyzen with Istanbul University Icra Heyeti, playing numerous concerts all over Turkey: Vefa Konseri (Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble, Istanbul, 2009), Itri and His Period (Istanbul University Icra Heyeti, Yildiz Palace, Istanbul, 2012-13), Itri Concerts (Sarajevo, Mostar, Bosnia), amongst others.

In 2012, Ridvan Aydınlı met Tristan Driessens in Venice during a musical residence with Kudsi Erguner’s Bîrûn ensemble. He was then invited to become a member of Lâmekân Ensemble as a singer and neyzen.




Tristan Driessens – Oud
Tristan DriessensTristan Driessens is a Belgian oud player and musicologist. He is regarded as one of the finest performers of classical Ottoman music in Belgium. He holds masters in Musicology (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Turkish ‘ûd (LUCA, Conservatory of Leuven). From 2009 to 2012, he journeyed in Istanbul where he studied makam and oud under Necati Çelik. Additionally, he attended master classes with Yurdal Tokcan in Labyrinth Musical Workshop (Crete). He is involved with Ottoman music as well as with more contemporary types of Middle-Eastern modal music. He worked mbles throughout Europe and Turkey, most notably Tcha Limberger, Derya Türkan, Kudsi Erguner (Bîrûn Ensemble) and Wesam Al Azzawi.

Both as a musician and a musicologist, Tristan Driessens concentrates his research mainly on makam, which is the classical music system of Turkey since the 13th Century. He is currently preparing a book that will provide an analysis of makam through transcriptions of modal improvisations performed on the oud. Since 2011, he directs Lâmekân Ensemble.



Muhittin Kemal Temel

MuhittinMuhittin Kemal Temel (°1980) started learning the kanun with Eyüp Fıat in 1992. He studied Turkish singing and Ottoman music theory under the guidance of the composer and ‘ûd player Ismet Alpaslan. In 1996, he met the famous composer and kanun master Göksel Baktagir and soon became his student. He recorded and performed intensively with many fine representatives of classical Turkish music, such as Necati Çelik, Murat Coşkun, Derya Türkan, Münip Utandı, İnci Çayırlı and Aydın Varol. Since many years, he is a passionate habitué of the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Crete where he continiously broadens his musical horizons.

Muhittin Temel is the co-founder of the Orientalische Musikakademie in Mannheim, where he organizes the ‘Melodies of Old Istanbul’ concert series since 2011. His solo debut ‘Emotions’ was released in 2012, featuring Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Murat Aydemir, Yurdal Tokcan, amongst others.



Ruben Tenenbaum


Born in France, Ruben Tenenbaum (1987°) works as a professional violinist in Istanbul since 2009. He specialized in makam and classical Ottoman violin
technique under the direction of Serdar Pazarcıoğlu, Necati Çelik, Derya Türkan,Kemal Demir and Fahrettin Çimenli. He performs regularly with several Turkish music ensembles throughout Europe and Turkey, most notably Lâmekân Ensemble, Reng-i Dil and Taş Plak Kumpanyası. Being also familiar with contemporary music and free improvisation (Kemik Trio), Ruben collaborates with many musicians, such as Efren Lopez, Derya Türkan, Murat Aydemir, Sumru Ağıryuruyen, Laurent Clouet or Wassim Halal.





Robbe Kieckens 

RobbeRobbe Kieckens (°1981) started playing percussion in Africa, where he spent his childhood. He studied world percussion at the conservatory of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and sound engineering at Rits School of Arts (Belgium). Additionally, he followed master classes with Zohar Fresco (bendir) and Pedram Khavarzamini (tombak) at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Crete. He is seriously involved with several musical styles ranging from West-African percussion over flamenco to Persian and Turkish music. In his famous collection are to be found instruments such as framedrums, riqq, conga, djembe, pandeiro, callebas, darbouka, cajon, udu, tama, dounoum, bongo and many more. All those styles and instruments make him an extremely versatile and highly appreciated musician with an impressive percussive vocabulary. Besides Lâmekân Ensemble, he tours with a wide range of projects throughout Europe, most notably Myrddin (flamenco), Bazaar d’Orient (Turkish gipsy music) and La Sieste du Dromadaire (Oriental tango).




Simon Leleux


Simon Leleux (°1990) started studying Arabic percussion under Azzedine Jazouli at the age of ten. He later specialized in Turkish derbuka and bendir with Misirli Ahmed and followed Persian percussion master classes with Madjid Khaladj. Additionally, he is a regular student of Pedram Khavarzamini and Zohar Fresco at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Crete. Simon Leleux is currently finishing a master degree at Codarts (conservatory of Rotterdam), where he studies Ottoman rythms (usul) under Kudsi Erguner.